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Thread: Klitschko vs Joshua will look like Amanda Nunes vs Ronda Rousey

  1. #1 Klitschko vs Joshua will look like Amanda Nunes vs Ronda Rousey 
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    Joshua's non-existent head movement will make him look stupid against Klitschko who will use Joshua's head for target practice and hit him at will.

    It will look exactly like Nunes vs Ronda and it will end just as quickly.

    I predict that Joshua will be knocked out on his feet after 50 seconds.

    The only reason why Joshua hasn't been exposed is because he has been fighting smaller people who also happened to be cans.
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    klitchko fight is dangerous for joshua
    i have klitchko the favourite.
    you do not need huge head movement at 6.6 / joshua defense is legs to get out of the way and ride punches with side to side movements and look to parry and catch shots on the gloves and elbows.

    klitchko is to lean back /use his height /legs and in close to grab and hold
    neither brother moves there head a lot.

    joshuas last 5 opponets were
    cornish 6.8
    whyte 6.4
    martin 6.5
    breazeale 6.7
    molina 6.4

    all of them 240 plus
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    Lol yeh they maybe considered cans but Slavic troller obviously didn't see that Cornish and breazeale were bigger than Joshua, Martin around the same size. Most of em have been mid size to big heavies. But I'll say again that Joshua will struggle more with a quicker smaller guy with good movement as he did with Savon.
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