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Thread: Adil Anwar- the worst boxer I have ever seen. Pakistani glass jaw....

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    Quote Originally Posted by lepinthehood View Post
    kingvitali - if he checked my heartbeat the beat in his ear would put him on wobbly legs.
    Lol so true. Mike Lascano probably has the same caliber jaw.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thatsright111 View Post
    so what about singh for example, and then's there's vikash who beat normatov and errol spence, shiva tapa isn't bad! either do they have glass jaws to?
    all three of them are that crap they couldnt even win the commonwealth games in numerous attempts hahhahahhahaa.And yes theres a 99.9% chance they have glass jaws
    India population 1.6 billion lol. Vijender Singh is a household name in his country. a superstar.. one of the most famous people in the countrynd hes a fucking bum lol. They have such low standards lol. Compare that to..Paddy Barnes of Ireland - just 5 million people.. he chucked his bronze medal on the floor and said ''bronze is for losers''.
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