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Thread: GREAT BLACK HOPES of Recent Years....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Todd498 View Post
    Sam Peter and Lacy were fun to watch get exposed. Shannon Briggs was always one of those black hype jobs that just kept coming back only to have his flame put out by Ibragimov and Vitali.
    Steve Cunningham was another.,people liked to overrate him he was always usually the only black in the top 10 at cruiserweight.. He was a punchbag for Polish fighters maybe that SJW IntentionalButt was a big Cunnngham fan thats why he hates on Polish fighters,
    Cunningham had losses to Wlodarzcyk, Adamek x 2, Glowacki, Glazkov, Fury.
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    Most of the people who claimed to be Cunningham fans just said so because he had a sick daughter. it made them feel better about themselves and they ignored how dirty he was and how he would try and cut peoples eyes with that doctored thumb on the jab hand glove.
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    Dontae in 2012 at 12.50 saying Karim Mayfield was way too much for Pacqaiuo in sparring, and tipping him to be a future P4P king hahahahhahaahahahahha
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gimp Seed View Post
    Jeff Lacy ( the face of the 'great black hope' term , he was the new super middleweight Tyson, he was gonna be better than Tyson, he was the future PPV star, Calzaghe had no chance)
    Adrien Broner ( he was the new Floyd, he was gonna be P4P number 1 for years)
    Seth Mitchell ( he was DA TRUTH, and was gonna destroy Klitschko)
    Danny Jacobs ( He was the best prospect in boxing and was gonna rule Middleweight for years )
    Mike Jones (he was gonna beat Pacqauio and be the king of 147 )
    Malik Scott ( he had too many SKILLS and SPEED for every heavyweight, he was gonna take Klitschko and all the other HWs to school)
    Amir Imam ( he was the best prospect in boxing, 'the future of boxing' )
    Chad Dawson ( he was gonna be the P4P number 1)
    Eddie Chambers ( he gonna be the HW champ, and then later he was gonna take over the Cruiserweight division when he moved down he was gonna be too skilled and fast for all them euro cruisers lol)
    Lamont Peterson &
    Anthony Peterson ( the Peterson Brothers were supposed to be special talents )
    James Kirkland ( this 'beast' was supposedly gonna destroy Martinez, Sturm, etc haha )
    Andre Berto ( hyped like crazy on HBO lol )
    Jermain Taylor
    Tavoris Cloud
    Allan Green

    Paul Williams
    Devon Alexander
    Andre Dirrell
    Peter Quillin
    Julian Williams
    Kendall Holt
    Marcus Browne
    Karim Mayfield
    Tony Harrison
    Odlanier Solis
    Yuriorkis Gamboa
    Demetrius Andrade

    Deontay Wilder
    Jesse Hart
    + Antoine Douglas

    Browne will get KTFO soon hopefully.
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    Erickson Lubin haha
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    Quote Originally Posted by Todd498 View Post
    Now Charlo is these Turds new hope now that Canelo failed miserably to do what THEY all we talking shit about him doing These dumbass groids will have found another sport to watch in 10 years. Watch.
    first off Canelo isn't black and second he didn't fail he arguably beat and got a draw against GGG. He will beat GGG in the rematch that is if Evil Twin who's GGG's mando doesn't get to him first and finish him off.
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    Antoine Douglas
    Tevin Farmer
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    Quote Originally Posted by Todd498 View Post
    I didnt say Canelo was black. But he has a loss to Floyd when he was green and isnt exactly considered white is he?
    if he aint white, nobody is white lol
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    Felix Verdejo got exposed last weekend. and Amir Imam again! And Andre Dirrell...

    Bad times...
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    Lamont Roach was one of only two blackies on ESPN's prospects of the year list, yet he could only draw last week with that useless queer Orlando Cruz lol
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