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Thread: The next great European player in the NBA?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gimp Seed View Post
    I don't like or follow Basketball at all, But is it easy for the top European Players to get in NBA? Or is mostly closed off for the yanks? II'm guessing they get the black american privilege treatment
    back when I followed team sports they had this Jew radio broadcaster in L.A. called Vic Jacobs who used to rant about the occasional european player getting good money to play in the NBA. He would always say they should "keep the money in the commutity". In short; only give it to Niggers. i doubt little has changed in the past 20 years and I do not follow team sports but ironically that is what woke me up to how this whole thing workds with the Kike Jews and their pet chimps.

    European players also have a hard time getting accepted by teammates and coaches so it is not the most welcoming atmosphere for them either.

    All these sports Kikes also said both Klitschko's would never amount to anything. Yet when they did it was because all the Niggers were playing football and basketball.
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