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Thread: is the Salido loss gonna be the new 'TKO6''

  1. #1 is the Salido loss gonna be the new 'TKO6'' 
    Seems that way unfortunately,

    I've read countless lies lately about that fight in a similar way to Lewis-Klitschko, people are twisting what happened in the fight, people are twisting why the rematch didn't happen etc Constantly referring to it when there's no reason to because they have NOTHING else. It's really pathetic
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    Now there is talk of Salido not retiring and the rematch happening and the same crowd is compalining about it being too late yet they were just using the rematch not happening as their default setting.

    Could these toxic fuckers be anymore useless?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Todd498 View Post
    Did you see the way they were reacting after Salido first announced his retirement?? Lol! The groids were VERY happy with that news because they saw it as an opportunity to always try and hang that bullshit loss over Loma fans heads. If the rematch gets announced... expect to see those welfare worms trying their best to discredit the win before the fight even takes place.

    Pieces of shit.
    Yeah I noticed that too haha!

    Pimp C pretends not to be a black supremacist, and pretends to be a Loma fan

    but look at his comment post #7

    ''Salido retired folllowing his TKO loss this past weekend. Sorry but that rematch will never happen''

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