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Thread: Most Racist Posters List

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    The Akbar One aka The Ogdoad HATES white boxers, white people with a massive passion, you can just sense it in everything he posts. His obsessive hate of Lomachenko is way off the charts of normality.

    Dino Velvet aka Punchers Chance ( why do these pussies have to have 2 accounts) is a sick anti-white racist.
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    Hey why i gotta be eighth? How do i move up in the rankings? I KNOW i'm more racist then Willie, he ain't nevet even been banned yet, NIGGA IVE BEEN BANNED 22 TIMES, GIVE ME MY DAMN RESPECT!

    And another thing, what the fuck is this place anyway? I get banned and somehow i magically slide into this bizzaro-world where Kats are cursing at each other and My Boy Pimp C is showing his house. Then i had to build a flying dog on my phone to log in...

    But it didnt recognize my password! WTF, did i die and go to boxing forum hell?
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    Pimp C is a pussy.
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