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    I won't be quitting anything at the behest of a weak, ethnomasochistic ersatz scholar. I do and say as I see fit. You are not the guide to my conscience, nor do you deduct from my life by banning me. I laugh heartily at your spinelessness and lack of ethical and intellectual honesty.

    Wilder race-pimped the event, and that is what I said, quite concisely. "When race-pimping goes wrong." Deontay Wilder is the aggressive racial troll, not me. I merely pointed it out.

    That Wilder race-pimped the event is a fact. There's no getting around that fact. It's right there on high definition video.

    So, if that simple, honest observation upsets an authoritarian palooka like you, I don't give a solitary damn. And there is nothing you can do to make me give a damn about your tender, womanly feelings or even to stop me expressing my opinion, as I have other outlets for doing so besides boxingforum24. You can ban and ban and ban and you will never make me bow to your dogma or the nonsensical 'rules' you love to selectively impose.

    Now, take that and return to sucking on that salty, black sac, you effete nitwit.
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