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Thread: Nay Sayer - Black Americans are BUMS

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    Crawford is boring and unproven with a shit resume. in the worst division.Even Gvozdyk has a better resume than him already lol and he' hasn't had a title shot.
    Spence has 1 decent win and ntohing else, he's just a black hope
    Davis is the same, fought nobody. Hes just a puncher, imagine him versus Loma ahahaha.
    Those 3 are the best great black hopes you got lololololololol pathetic.

    Broner - the classic black hope lol he's shit, he's gonna be a gatekeeper
    Wilder - windmilling , technically shit bum that has fought no one and struggled with bums. Povetkin would have massacred him lol, the minute he steps up het gets flattened
    Charlo's, Petersons - bums
    Russell Jr - Loma won like 11 of 12 rounds against this guy say no more, he couldn't compete with the ELITE
    Porter dirty average brawler
    Scott, feather fisted quitting cowardly bum
    Berto, absolutely shit, hilarious that HBO used to hype him
    Monroe - quitter bum
    Breaezeale- terrible lol
    Alexander-feather fisted joke
    Dirrells,- inactive crying losers
    Andrade - hypejob, inactive, feather fisted, boring
    Quillin,-average as fuck in his prime and a bum now

    I think I've covered all of them
    most of them are boring as fuck to watch.
    half of them are quitters
    half of them couldn't crack an egg

    Black americans - so much quantity of boxers, yet lacking the QUALITY
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    Qualty always beats any other thing
    Los mejores locales de peluquerias de diseņo. No te pierdas nada de lo que vayan a sacar acerca de sus nuevos diseņos

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